Super Cute Twitter Monkey Goes Bananas When it Spots a Keyword

Pete Prodoehl needed to monitor Twitter for some keywords. Instead of having a sound play when a keyword comes up, he programmed this little monkey to wave its arms about. It's like the monkey's saying, "I found one, I found one!" » 11/15/10 9:00pm 11/15/10 9:00pm

RoboPhilo Features Twenty Programmable Parts for Under $500

With 20 programmable servos, which can be with a PC or included remote, the RoboPhilo looks like a sweet weekend hobby project. At first glance, RoboPhilo looks like that RoboSapien which is all looks and no performance. But according to Technabob, RoboPhilo is highly advanced for only costing $499, and if the video… » 12/08/07 1:25pm 12/08/07 1:25pm

Gibson Intros "World's First Robotic Guitar": Tuning May Be a Thing of…

We posted a video of the Robot Guitar in action early last month, but now we have some sexy pics and some release date info for guitarists the world over to get excited about. In case you haven't heard, the Robot Guitar can tune itself with a simple push of a button. Servos in the headstock can tune the guitar to one… » 11/12/07 4:40pm 11/12/07 4:40pm