Sneaky Unconfirmed Dealzmodo: Free Verizon FiOS Set-Top Box for Whiny Customers

We've got a Verizon tipster who let us know that starting today, Verizon is offering one free high-def or standard-def set-top box to new customers—but it's all unofficial, see? All you have to do is sign up for one of Verizon's 12-month commitments and kvetch and moan about the monthly set-top box's pricing being too… »11/22/08 12:45pm11/22/08 12:45pm

Neuros Releases the Link, an Open Source, Web-Savvy Set-Top Box

Neuros, who built their reputation with weird, chunky (but wonderful) modular MP3 players, has long since moved exclusively to the home entertainment field. Their latest attempt at eroding the Apple TV's market share is the Link, a set-top streaming box that will pull video from a wide range of online TV sources —… »11/20/08 5:07am11/20/08 5:07am