Over 153,000 iPhone users who were denied warranty coverage for water damage are in for a payout: Apple was just forced to officially settle a case which will see them pay out $53 million to those whose iPhone, iPhone 3G, or iPhone 3GS was affected. » 5/29/13 3:59am 5/29/13 3:59am

Apple to Settle In-App Purchase Lawsuit With Free iTunes Credit

Apple has announced that it's to settle a class action lawsuit about in-app purchases—that could have involved more than 23 million App Store users!—by bunging the affected parties free iTune credit. » 2/26/13 4:15am 2/26/13 4:15am

This Is the Document Outlining Apple's Settlement With HTC

Or at least, what you can read of it, because vast swathes have been redacted. Still, there are bits you can actually read, so let's take a look. » 12/06/12 3:37am 12/06/12 3:37am

The Secret HTC-Apple Settlement Might Not Be Quite So Secret

Last month HTC and Apple decided to play nice when they reached a settlement over a patent license. While Apple was forced to tell Samsung how much that deal was worth, it thought the rest of the case was secret—but it turns out that might not quite be the case. » 12/04/12 3:42am 12/04/12 3:42am

HTC: No Way Are We Paying Apple $8 Per Phone

Earlier this month it was announced that Apple and HTC reached a patent settlement which would see the Taiwanese phone manufacturer enter into a 10-year licensing agreement. Now, HTC has firmly rumored figures which suggested they'd pony up $8 to Cook and co for every Android handset it sold. » 11/20/12 5:47am 11/20/12 5:47am

Apple Settles Chinese iPad Name Dispute With $60 Million

Apple has been battling a long legal dispute in China for months with a company who claimed ownership of the iPad name. During the course of proceedings iPads were pulled from Chinese shelves and even global sales were threatened—but now, Apple has ponied up a $60 million settlement. » 7/02/12 6:17am 7/02/12 6:17am

Your Expired Groupons Are Valid Again Thanks to $8.5 Million Court…

Remember that deal you purchased on Groupon—$30 for a $50 laser hair removal? It expired, and your unibrow has grown out of control. But you're in luck. Groupon has agreed to pay an $8.5 million settlement in a class action lawsuit claiming that expiration dates are illegal. Better yet, the court also ruled that you… » 4/03/12 11:52am 4/03/12 11:52am

iPhone 4 Owners Who Refused a Free Bumper Can Now Claim $15

Good news for iPhone 4 users who prefer to let their handset roam naked: It's now possible to claim a $15 settlement in lieu of the free bumper that Apple gave away over the antennagate debacle. » 3/29/12 7:13am 3/29/12 7:13am

Winklevoss Twins Bury the Hatchet with Facebook

The Winklevii received a $65 million settlement in 2008 but they were never satisfied with it—until now. After years of futile appeals, they've finally decided to back down stopping just short of the Supreme Court. » 6/22/11 8:25pm 6/22/11 8:25pm

Apple and Nokia Shake Hands On Patent License Agreement

Nokia and Apple are no longer suing each other over multiple cases of patent infringement. The two have entered an agreement and Apple will be paying Nokia both a lump sum amount and on-going royalties. Needless to say Nokia is happy with this arrangement. [Nokia] » 6/14/11 1:15am 6/14/11 1:15am

AT&T Reaches $18 Million Settlement in New Jersey ETF Class Action Case

Without admitting any wrongdoing, AT&T Mobility has reached a settlement in a class action lawsuit alleging that their flat-rate early termination fee was unlawful. If the settlement is approved, AT&T will pay out a total of $16 million in cash and $2 million in "non-cash benefits" to NJ residents whose AT&T wireless… » 1/26/10 12:41pm 1/26/10 12:41pm

Dish Needs To Pay TiVo Another $200 Million

To punish Dish for not complying with an order to basically stop being a DVR service, U.S. District Judge ordered them to pay about $200 million to TiVo, whose patents were infringed. » 9/04/09 7:30pm 9/04/09 7:30pm

AT&T Paying Some Subscribers Cash in Settlement

If you were an AT&T customer duped into buying recurring ringtones or horoscopes from third parties on bills between January 1, 2004, and May 30, 2008, you may be entitled to some cash back through a recent settlement by AT&T. » 6/03/08 1:00pm 6/03/08 1:00pm

Sony To Pay You $150 For CD Rootkit Scandal

Remember that Sony Rootkit DRM Scandal a little while back? The one that boned your computer with a rootkit when you put in a CD with Sony's DRM on it? Well, Sony's just agreed to pay out $150 to customers to "repair damage done" when they tried to remove the rootkit. » 1/30/07 7:30pm 1/30/07 7:30pm

Sharper Image Reaches Deal Over Breathalyzers

If you were looking forward to buying one of those Sharper Image Breathalyzers you saw on the AirMall catalogue on your way back from seeing your "other" family in Vegas, think again. The San Diego Consumer Protection Unit found that the claims of being accurate to 0.001 percent were bogus, and Sharper Image reached… » 7/08/06 7:07pm 7/08/06 7:07pm