The 5 Best And 5 Worst "I Wanted to Get Caught" Villain Schemes

Villains sure do like to be captured on purpose, don't they? We've seen it again and again as a trope, but it's not always a bad thing. Sometimes, it does show just how brilliant our bad guy is. And sometimes, it shows just how stupid our heroes are. Here are the best — and worst — times a villain got sent to the… » 2/05/15 1:17pm 2/05/15 1:17pm

Morgan Freeman's unboxing video from Se7en is dark humor at its best

This video is an hilarious parody of the famous scene of Seven, where Morgan Freeman opens a box with Gwyneth Paltrow's head inside, but told as if it was a conventional unboxing video. I know I probably should't be laughing at this but as a dark humor fan I am indeed cracking up. » 5/30/14 9:04pm 5/30/14 9:04pm

Seven Alarm Clock Won't Take "No" For an Answer

There are plenty of alarm clocks out there that attempt to "shock" you awake with loud noises or groggily impossible feats of hand-eye coordination—but I think we can all agree that waking up to that would suck really hard. The Seven Alarm clock concept takes a different approach by playing your favorite MP3 (like… » 3/10/08 5:40pm 3/10/08 5:40pm