The Police Saved a Sex Doll from Drowning Because They Thought It Was a Real Girl

"Oh my god! Is that a naked lady drowning in a river? We must help. Call backup! I'm going in after her." That must've been what 18 policemen in Shandong, China were thinking when they saw a 'woman' submerged in the river—embarrassingly for the police, it wasn't a real person they rescued but a sex doll. »7/24/12 4:20pm7/24/12 4:20pm

The Rubbot Male Sex Gadget is in Beta, Looks Slightly Dangerous

The Rubbot may be on the periphery of gadgetdom, but at the same time it stands for everything we believe technology can do. Yes, it's a male sex toy that allows you to rub yourself silly without using your hands—hence, rubbot. The creators are in the beta stage (beta testers wanted!) and made this video to show just… »12/06/07 3:00pm12/06/07 3:00pm

Apple Claims Ownership of Silhoutte Ads, Wants Sex Toy To Stop Using Them

Who could forget the iBuzz, that fun little sex toy that hooks up to an iPod and vibrates in tandem with the music? Hope you already bought yours because it looks like Apple is about to shut them down. Apparently, Apple is taking issue with some of iBuzz's adverts, like the one seen here. I guess Apple isn't too keen… »12/12/06 8:44am12/12/06 8:44am