Whoa, Google Glass Just Got Way Better Looking (Plus Prescriptions)

One of the biggest criticisms Google Glass has incurred since day one is that it's, well, ugly and/or weird-looking. Believe it or not, Google may have actually just solved the problem. » 1/28/14 1:04am 1/28/14 1:04am

50 Million Window Blinds Recalled After a Decade of Strangling Children

Your TV is trying to kill your children. Your DVD player is trying to kill your children. Your robot lawnmower is trying to kill your children. And now, your blinds—your soft roman blinds!—are trying to kill your children.
» 12/15/09 4:26pm 12/15/09 4:26pm

MyVu Crystal & Shades Pay Homage To Sci-Fi Vision

Sci-Fi eyewear lovers are finally getting more options when shopping for new shades with MyVu's release of two new models, Shades and Crystal. Both models are geared toward watching video on the go, with what MyVu describes as "glance-down technology with true situational awareness." With this "glance-down tech" these… » 1/08/08 6:09pm 1/08/08 6:09pm