Designers, Shadows Are Totally Fine in a Flat UI

This time, just a year ago, very few people knew the terms “skeuomorphism” and “flat design." We complained about the kind of leathery design of some apps on iOS and OS X, but in general, the UI of Apple’s mobile operating system was just fine. Then, in just a few weeks, everything changed—and suddenly flat design… »7/01/13 12:00pm7/01/13 12:00pm

Motorola's Droid X (Xtreme) and Droid 2 (Shadow) To Drop July/August

Recent rumors are suggesting the Droid X will go on sale in July, with the Droid 2 Shadow the month after in August. Both Android phones will be exclusive to Verizon, and will run on 45nm Texas Instruments' OMAP processors, at 1GHz. This should more than place them in-line with the wealth of Snapdragon-running phones.… »6/15/10 6:25am6/15/10 6:25am

T-Mobile Shadow II Has MyFaves, HotSpot@Home, But Is It Still Made by HTC?

The Original T-Mobile HTC Shadow was quite good for a Windows mobile phone because of its non-Windows-Mobile Windows Mobile UI. If this leaked picture really is the Shadow II, then T-Mobile is continuing on the same path of loading a proprietary UI on top of the standard WM facade. There's not much else we can tell… »4/15/08 5:50pm4/15/08 5:50pm

T-Mobile HTC Shadow Finally Emerges Looking Damn Good (Gallery)

The long-rumored T-Mobile Shadow (aka Juno) officially launches now. It hits stores Wednesday for $200 with voice-plan or $150 with $20-per-month unlimited data plan. (Both require two year contracts.) With it, T-Mobile and HTC have done the impossible: they have made Windows Mobile look good. Great even. »10/29/07 12:01am10/29/07 12:01am

T-Mobile Shadow Official Shots Show Two Suave Color Schemes

If you desperately wanted official shots of the T-Mobile Shadow, well, here they are. We have already given you the rundown on what the Windows Mobile smartphone will be toting, but to recap, the main goodies will be the two-letters-per-key SureType keyboard, 128MB on-board RAM and Wi-Fi connectivity. The pictures… »10/27/07 10:15am10/27/07 10:15am