Polaroid Bringing Back Classic 4x3 Insta-Prints With Forthcoming Digital Zink Cam

While the tears spilled mourning the death »8/12/08 9:00pm8/12/08 9:00pm of Polaroid's instant film division are still somewhat damp, the company has a little spark of an announcement that could make hardcore 'roiders (of the best kind) happy-the company looks like it's finally getting serious about building its Zink instant digital printing tech…


Shoogle Gives Your Cellphone Balls of Steel that Shake, Rattle and Roll

If your cellphone's not quite annoying enough for you yet, researchers have created Shoogle, software that combines vibrations and sound effects to let you know when messages come in, how many you have in your inbox, and when you're battery's running low. The software uses the phone's accelerometer, so when you shake… »11/28/07 8:55am11/28/07 8:55am