The Invention of Jaywalking Was a Massive Shaming Campaign

Before the invention of the car, jaywalking wasn't a recognized concept. Want to get across the street? Then just walk across the street—nobody's going to stop you. But the rise of the automobile posed a new problem for people of the early 20th century. While the median state-designated speed limit for American… »7/22/13 3:22pm7/22/13 3:22pm

What's The Internet Thing About You That You're Hoping No One Sees?

I know what you're thinking. This chatroom is dumb. Why would anyone reveal the thing they're trying to hide? First of all, you're so afraid of it precisely because you know you can't hide it. Second of all, if you just reveal it here it'll be out there on your terms and you can stop worrying about it. This is a… »7/14/13 2:00pm7/14/13 2:00pm