iPhone Book Sneak Peek: Third-Party iPhone Application Tutorial

Pash over at Lifehacker has a tutorial up on how to install third-party applications to your iPhone. It's notable because it comes straight from our iPhone Book, along with many more tips and tricks that you won't find in other books (seriously, we've read the other books, and they don't have them). Check out the… » 9/04/07 1:20pm 9/04/07 1:20pm

The Best iPhone Guide Ever Now Available for Pre-order

Did you guys see that iPhone for Dummies book cover floating around the blogs today? That's a weird cover, isn't it? The girl's holding an iPod up to her ear. I mean, aren't these guys supposed to know the difference between and iPod and and iPhone? Plus, you guys aren't dummies, so why would you want that book? You… » 4/06/07 3:30am 4/06/07 3:30am