An Unknown Hacker Group Claims That It Shut Down the World's Largest Oil Company—And That They'll Do It Again

The NY Times is reporting that unknown computer hackers who call themselves "Cutting Sword of Justice" have claimed responsibility for spreading a malicious virus into Saudi Aramco, the Saudi government-owned oil company that's also the world's largest, and destroying three-quarters of all its computers. The hackers… »8/23/12 5:52pm8/23/12 5:52pm


Someone's Trying To Shut Down Power Plants—With a Virus

Earlier this year, a devastating virus dubbed Flame made its way through power plants in Iran, wreaking havoc on system software, and prompting the country to disconnect itself from the internet. Now comes word from Kaspersky Labs that there's a copycat virus doing the same thing to "at least one organization in the… »8/17/12 11:20am8/17/12 11:20am