Bizarre New Art Project Stalks Shaquille O'Neal for Custom "Dunk Rig"

What if, instead of marketing to a general demographic, you marketed to a specific individual? What if, instead of waiting for a patron to commission new work, an artist simply designed it based on someone's psychological profile? If an online ad asked for you by name, could you resist? » 12/17/13 4:43pm 12/17/13 4:43pm

Shaq Loves Android: Giant Basketball Star Is Also Giant Dork

Man-mountain Shaquille O'Neal is a famed Twitterer, but his love of gadgetry goes even deeper than that. A follower of Shaq's Twitter met him at a diner and exchanged a little gadget trash talk. » 2/21/09 3:45pm 2/21/09 3:45pm