Foodspotting on Android Lets You See and Share Pictures of Delicious Meals

Foodspotting Lite for Android is better than a classic restaurant guide because instead of describing dishes, it literally shows you, with user uploaded pictures, what you'll be eating. You can see pictures of food in restaurants near you or search for more specific pleasures. Plus, you can partake in the fun by… » 3/01/11 1:40pm 3/01/11 1:40pm

Egg-Headed Analysts: Sony PS3 to Win Console War

Navel-gazing think tankers at Research and Markets say even though the Sony PS3 has lost the opening battle, it will still win the console war, predicting an installed base of 75 million PS3s around the world by 2010. Researchers at the Yankee Group echo that, predicting the PS 3 up top by 2011 with a 44% market share » 1/03/07 9:35am 1/03/07 9:35am