I Built A 4K Ultra HD Gaming PC... And I Love It

The next-generation of monitor technology is upon us, quadrupling the number pixels our monitors can manifest and placing a heavy burden on our beleaguered video cards. What does it take to put together a 4K-ready gaming PC? Let's find out, with a little help from AMD. » 4/21/14 11:59am Monday 11:59am

New Safety Lasers For 3D Scanners Won't Burn Your Retinas

If there's one rule of thumb that goes along with lasers—no matter how weak they may be—it's that you should never, ever point them at your eyes. But lasers are more energy efficient and responsive than LEDs, making them better suited for the 3D scanners used to detect gestures on a game console. So Sharp has come up… » 3/18/14 2:20pm 3/18/14 2:20pm

A Doctor's-Office-in-a-Chair Measures All Your Vitals At Once

It's not designed to replace your family doctor, but this sensor-laden chair concept from Sharp could definitely reduce the number of times you need to stop by their clinic every year. The chair looks like it could actually be capable of time travel, but its capabilities are limited to measuring your blood pressure,… » 10/08/13 10:33am 10/08/13 10:33am

During an Earthquake This Fridge's Doors Automatically Lock Shut

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and sadly for Japan that means designing products—or improving products—to better withstand the earthquakes plaguing that country. So while elsewhere in the world fridge's with vacuum-sealed drawers catch consumers' attentions, in Japan it's a fridge with doors that » 9/10/13 11:00am 9/10/13 11:00am

Sharp Is Pleading With US Firms to Help It Out

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Japanese manufacturer Sharp is in serious talks with a number of US companies to try and save its finances. It plans to offer up stakes in the business in return for a "stable supply of breakthrough display technology". » 11/29/12 5:03am 11/29/12 5:03am

Sharp's 32-Inch 4K IGZO Display Is More Exciting Than a Monitor Should…

Sharp's new monitor promises to be something special, offering up 4K resolution powered by ultra-thin IGZO technology to make for a ridiculously high-res but sleek display. It's going to be gorgeous. But it comes at a price. » 11/28/12 4:22am 11/28/12 4:22am

Vacuum Bots Just Got Way Smarter Than Your Roomba

The Roomba's autonomous cleaning routines changed vacuuming forever since it could be just left to run and eventually would clean almost every inch of your home. But its pseudo-random approach takes a while to be effective, so Sharp's new Cocorobo line lets you map out a room and plan a custom route for more efficient … » 11/21/12 3:07pm 11/21/12 3:07pm