Sharper Image Human Touch Massage Chairs Look Familiar

Reader Tim points out that this massage chair, seen at Sharper Image, looks really familiar. You know, we think he's right, but we can't quite get a grasp on it. We just hope they keep on selling these things even after their stores close-you know, for the human touch. Seriously, it's like on the tip of our tongue.… » 6/27/08 8:30pm 6/27/08 8:30pm

Sharper Image Rises From The Ashes...as a Brand Only

A few days ago we discovered that Sharper Image had "something big coming," but as of today, there has been no official word from the company about their future plans. However, the WSJ is reporting that the company will resurrect itself as a virtual brand. No stores, just a name that retailers can rent to drive up the… » 6/26/08 1:15pm 6/26/08 1:15pm

The Sharper Image Lives, Says "There's Something Big Coming": What Is It?

The Sharper Image is supposed to be dead. No more overpriced Ionic Breezes or contraptions that simultaneously polishes your shoes and balls to a luxurious, silky shine. Dead. Yet it's alive. Their site is up with a mysterious new message: "SORRY TO KEEP YOU IN THE DARK. BUT THERE'S SOMETHING BIG COMING. SOON." Dear… » 6/23/08 5:59pm 6/23/08 5:59pm

Sharper Image Clearance Sale: Up to 40% Off Lightsabers, StressErasers and Breathalyzers

After declaring bankruptcy back in February, Sharper Image will put the shutters on its 86 remaining retail outlets. The stores are discounting items 20-40% in an effort to clear inventory—and pay back those pesky creditors. If you've ever wanted a vibrating leather massage chair but didn't want to be the last sucker… » 6/02/08 12:01pm 6/02/08 12:01pm

Sharper Image Puts Itself On the Market Like a Cheap Floozy

Two months after Sharper Image declared bankruptcy, they've gone and put themselves on sale, saying it would "preserve values and yield the best recovery to the company." They're as serious about selling themselves off as they are about selling you laser instruments and brushed metal meat thermometers. Sharper Image… » 4/24/08 2:50pm 4/24/08 2:50pm

Beamz Synthesizer Uses Lasers as Strings, Has Plenty of Cowbell (Literally)

In the future we'll probably play music with our minds, but for now the Beamz Laser Music System uses a series of six lasers which you can break with your hands to play instruments like guitars, violin and (YES!) even a cowbell. There are also 30 preloaded songs and musical genres that can play alongside your flapping… » 3/30/08 8:00pm 3/30/08 8:00pm

Sharper Image Accepting Gift Cards Again, With a Catch

Good news, fans of overpriced ionic massage chairs that refresh your feet, atmosphere and mind simultaneously, Sharper Image is accepting gift cards again! But you have to buy something worth twice as much as the card, and you have to use it all at once. They're not screwing around here. Our advice? Dispose of your… » 3/07/08 3:30pm 3/07/08 3:30pm

Brookstone Accepts Your Temporarily Worthless Sharper Image Cards For 25% Discount

You know that $100 Sharper Image gift certificate you got for Christmas? The one that's now not being accepted while the company's going through bankruptcy proceedings? Turns out you can head to Brookstone, the other purveyor of fairly useless light-up gadgets that you stick up your nose to generate ozone, and get 25%… » 2/27/08 5:00pm 2/27/08 5:00pm

Sharper Image Files for Bankruptcy; You'll Need to Go Elsewhere to Try Out a Massage Recliner

When I was a kid and would get dragged to the mall by my parents, I would always gravitate to stores like Sharper Image. These gadget-stuffed stores probably never actually got a sale out of me, but they were stuffed to the gills with impractical and expensive gadgets for me to ogle, and there was generally an… » 2/20/08 11:03am 2/20/08 11:03am

Afternoon News: Sharper Image Cellphones, Cancer-Detecting Mouthwash and More

• Sharper Image is now selling four unlocked Windows Mobile cellphones. The top of the line model has a 2MP camera, touchscreen, Bluetooth, tri-band, and GPRS, but sadly no ionic air-purifier or back massager. [Uber Phones]
• A new smart plug from the UK will reduce energy consumption by turning off gadgets that are… » 1/02/08 3:59pm 1/02/08 3:59pm

Waterdrop Weather Station Has New Shape, Mostly Old Features

Weather stations come in all shapes and sizes, and here's another one to add to that collection, the Waterdrop Weather Station from Sharper Image. While it's supposed to be shaped like a water drop, we think it looks more like a red egg, or worse, a drop of blood. Besides its unusual look, it has the usual features of… » 10/29/07 2:15pm 10/29/07 2:15pm

Outdoor Monophonic Speaker System Goes Wire Free Wild

The summer may be dwindling, but are you going to let the elements dictate when you can take your tunes outdoors? No, you are not. Sharper Image's Wireless Outdoor Monophonic One-Speaker System—besides having a ridiculously long name—is here to help. The stylish speaker will allow you to pump your beats, via the… » 10/28/07 7:25pm 10/28/07 7:25pm

New, Discounted Sharper Image iPod-Ready Speaker Docks

Sharper Image, the company made famous for selling everyone else's iPod-ready crap, is joining the fray themselves. They have released a plethora of iPod-ready speaker systems ready to suck up your dollars, and have discounted some of their other models. There are so many I am even going to do a bulleted list—a list I… » 3/26/07 7:00pm 3/26/07 7:00pm