When In Doubt, Just Get a Sharpie-Armed Robot to Do Your Work Instead

Terrible drawers of the world, unite—and arm yourselves with a 3-axis CNC machine that's been outfitted with a Sharpie pen for converting a vector image file to a tangible drawing in seconds. » 7/22/11 6:20am 7/22/11 6:20am

Turn Your Pen Into an iPad Stylus With This Adapter

Sure, maybe the iPad wasn't meant to be used with a stylus but having options is always a good thing, right? Sadly this stylus adapter is only a Kickstarter project for the time being but it promises to turn Sharpies, Bic or Pilot pens into a full fledged, tablet inputting beast. If the project raises enough money,… » 2/15/11 2:00am 2/15/11 2:00am

Sharpie's Liquid Pencil is Erasable for 24 Hours and Then Permanent…

If there's a name I trust when it comes to writing implements, it's Sharpie. Their newest creation is the Liquid Pencil, a smooth-writer that gives you a few days to erase your work before it becomes set in stone. » 8/09/10 10:20am 8/09/10 10:20am