Want to instantly shatter a car window? Just throw a tiny porcelain bit

If I had to pick a hammer or a tiny piece of porcelain to shatter a car window, I'd probably think nothing of it and grab the mallet. NatGeo proves me wrong. A little itty bitty piece of porcelain chipped off a spark plug does much more damage to a car window and is so much more easy to use too. Just chuck it at the… »2/21/14 2:01am2/21/14 2:01am


How to Shatter Glass With Your Voice (With the Help of Gadgets)

Ten years of vocal training is a high price to pay just to carry out the party trick of being able to shatter a glass with your yelps, but what if we told you that you could do the same thing with a gadget? All you have to do is take a glass, set it in front of an amp+mic system, and manage to match your singing to… »3/12/08 4:39pm3/12/08 4:39pm