no!no! Shaver Gets Its Name Right, Not Much Else

The no!no! Shaver is a device that keeps your nether region looking smooth by using a "thermodynamic wire to transmit the heat to the hair". In other words, it burns the hair clean off your man parts (or lady parts!). If that wasn't enough, the no!no! is "characterized by (the) odor" of sweet, sweet burning hair. This… » 10/30/07 1:15pm 10/30/07 1:15pm

Sol Shaver Solar Razor Keeps You Civilized Even in the Wilderness

You never know who you may run into when you're traveling in the wilderness, hiking the long trails and climbing those big mountains, so you really want to be clean-shaven, don't you? The Sol Shaver Solar Razor solves that problem, never needing any batteries, plugs, or any other of those unfortunate reminders of… » 10/12/07 7:00pm 10/12/07 7:00pm

World's Fastest Recharging Shaver Means You'll Never be Late Again

Despite having a two-week battery life, it seems our razors always seem to run out of juice just when we need to run somewhere. With Sanyo's "world's fastest recharging shaver," which gives you a week of shaving in only nine minutes (or one minute if you're just going for that single shave), you'll also be able to… » 3/21/07 4:00pm 3/21/07 4:00pm