Most Popular Shaving Cream: Barbasol

Taking 35% of your over 7000 votes, Barbasol takes home the honor of being your choice for Best Shaving Cream. Created in 1919 and used by 1 in 4 men, Barbasol's iconic design has become the poster child for shaving cream. Plus, it's cheap. » 11/19/14 2:15pm 11/19/14 2:15pm

Five Best Shaving Creams

You lathered up a huge list of nominees, and we've shaved them down to find the top five. Now it's time to find the winner. » 11/17/14 10:15am 11/17/14 10:15am

What's the Best Shaving Cream?

There's a huge library of shaving product coverage across our network, but most of it revolves around choosing the right blade or method. Today we want to find the best shaving cream, so head for the comments section and nominate your choice. » 11/12/14 2:46pm 11/12/14 2:46pm

NXT Light Shave Gel Makes Beards Shine Like the Sun

For the past several years, the world of shaving tech has been caught in a stalemate. Gillette may add one blade to their razor, but Schick just fires back with two. But now we have something else to look forward to every morning: glowy shaving gel. NXT Light Shave Gel apparently illuminates your face through… » 6/04/08 12:40pm 6/04/08 12:40pm