Transformer Shelf Hides Your Stuff, Fauns In Its Puzzling Pockets

This is not, quite, a Japanese puzzle box: But it is a transforming storage unit that has so many sliding, slotting, complex inner drawers, pockets and shelves that it comes close to being a puzzle. Designed by Martin Sammer, Transformer Shelf is just a solid shelving unit when "closed," but sliding it open reveals… »11/06/08 6:20am11/06/08 6:20am

StairCASE's Bottom Shelves Keep Highest Books in Reach

It's no surprise that a dude who lives in a city of 18 million people would appreciate the need to conserve space. Shanghai-based artist Danny Kuo created the StairCASE, a bookcase where the shelves slide out to become a stairwell. We've seen the amalgamation of shelves and stairs »9/16/08 10:30pm9/16/08 10:30pm before in London, but StairCASE can…

The WaSnake Shelf: It's Like a Personal Assistant That is Nailed to Your Wall

The WaSnake shelf concept by designer Jean Louis Frechin not only holds your stuff, it also features connectivity that allows it to display news from chosen RSS feeds and even SMS messages. Plus, the whole unit is highly configurable so you could find a spot for it on nearly any wall in your home. »5/08/08 10:30pm5/08/08 10:30pm