Explore the Deck of the Largest Floating Object Ever Created

No one knows quite what to call the Prelude, the floating behemoth that Shell engineered to extract natural gas from below the ocean floor and liquify it for use. It's hard to describe Prelude because it's so much bigger than any other floating structure humans have ever built—which is also what makes it difficult to… » 11/01/14 6:09pm 11/01/14 6:09pm

This City-Sized Gas Plant Has The Next Big Idea To Save The Planet

Nine billion tons of things you buy get to your hands via trucks. Most structures are put up by cranes and bulldozers. All those vehicles run on diesel, and at the Pearl Plant in Qatar, Shell is cooking up an alternative fuel that could drop directly in those engines, making them immediately more efficient and more… » 7/08/14 2:17pm 7/08/14 2:17pm

Watch a crab climb out of its old shell like a mutant

Crabs are red alien water tarantulas who regenerate like mutants. Just look at this crab literally climb out of its old shell and toss away that used exoskeleton like it's a dirty pair of pants. So gross but so cool. I kind of wish I could shed skin like this. It'd probably be the most refreshing feeling ever. » 11/21/13 7:52pm 11/21/13 7:52pm

Shell Station in LA to Offer Hydrogen Later This Month

A Shell station on Santa Monica Boulevard will begin dispensing hydrogen fuel later this month as part of a research program run by the US Department of Energy in conjunction with GM. The station will be followed in the next few months by other stations in the LA area in an effort to build the mini networks necessary… » 6/04/08 6:20pm 6/04/08 6:20pm

Hands-On Gallery: Colorware Makes Xbox 360 Elites Obsolete

Click to viewIf you're one of the few who wanted an Xbox 360 Elite more for the color than for the HDMI or the 120GB hard drive, then you're in luck. For around $99, you can get your own black (or blue or green or red or orange or whatever color you want) Xbox 360 that, in our opinion, looks even better than… » 5/17/07 3:21pm 5/17/07 3:21pm