Homeless New Yorkers Are Living Inside the Manhattan Bridge

We've all heard of the lengths to which NYC's homeless have gone to find shelter, from living in abandoned factories to building whole encampments inside subway tunnels. But a report from the New York Post goes one step further, describing how people are now making homes out of small nooks and crannies between the… »4/14/14 4:40pm4/14/14 4:40pm

Scientist Calculates How To Survive First 30 Minutes of Nuclear War

We're more than half a century past 1960, when the Doomsday Clock ticked down to two minutes before midnight. Yet, despite the steady outpouring of movies and TV shows featuring rogue nukes and dirty bombs, fewer and fewer people actively worry about a nuclear bomb going off. That being said: Do you know where and… »1/16/14 10:00am1/16/14 10:00am

Gimme Shelter: 9 Instant Buildings From Disaster Zones to Battlefields

Describing architecture as "instant" can mean different things to different people. During the post-War housing shortage, it meant prefab homes that went up in weeks. For disaster survivors, it can mean something as simple as a shelter that's assembled in hours. For the military, instant architecture often means… »5/20/13 9:42am5/20/13 9:42am

Germany Titanic Doomsday Bunker Is Groovy, Surprisingly Not Full of Nazis

Here's where the West German political elite was planning to spend nuclear winter, drinking Martinis and having toga parties after armageddon, waiting to see who emerged victorious from a worldwide thermonuclear war: a gigantic nuclear bunker with 17 kilometers of tunnels equipped with all kinds of commodities.

»3/20/08 9:20am3/20/08 9:20am