The Nvidia Shield Still Works After Getting Shot with a Gun

Usual disclaimer about not trying this at home and all that but if you were wondering if you could use the Nvidia Shield as a bulletproof vest and then still play with it later, the answer is yes! Well, as long as it gets shot through the screen. And as long as you're not actually using it as a literal shield. Our… » 9/10/13 10:00pm 9/10/13 10:00pm

LCD Safety Shield Protects TV From Flying Wiimotes, Babies

We're still puzzled as to what kind of spaz lets go of their Wiimotes during play, since none of the people we know have had this problem. But if you're one of the lucky few who flip out in Wii Baseball and chuck that thing across the room, this LCD Safety shield should be just the ticket to keeping your investment… » 5/22/07 9:30pm 5/22/07 9:30pm

Force Field for Spaceships

A group of British scientists are teaming up to create the first ever Star Trek-style force field. The shield would be used to protect astronauts from cancer-causing radiation coming from the sun in the form of solar wind. Astronauts will be able to turn the shield on or off, and they'll even be able to use it on… » 4/19/07 7:40pm 4/19/07 7:40pm