HTC's Roadmap Shows Sliders, Smartphones, and Fingerprint Recognition

CTI Miami got their hands on HTC's latest roadmap for their upcoming phones. Among them are the Kaiser, which is along the same lines as the Sprint Mogul (GSM), and the Vogue, which is like the HTC Touch. Some of the more interesting ones are the Nike, which is a WM6 Professional (that's the touchscreen one) that… »6/21/07 4:00pm6/21/07 4:00pm

Microsoft Shift Makes Cellphone Finger Input Easier (But Not Booger Free)

The shift project from Microsoft research has a goal that may not seem lofty at first, but could possibly help shape cellphone touchscreen technology in a big way. Traditionally, with Windows Mobile phones and other touchscreen phones, you have to use a stylus because your finger is too fat and unwieldy. Even Apple's… »5/17/07 7:00pm5/17/07 7:00pm