Misfit and Swarovski Have Created the First Solar-Powered Wearable

A wearable fitness tracker is no good to you if you don't actually want to wear it. So to ensure its Shine appropriately matches any outfit—whether you're dressed up or dressed down—Misfit and Swarovski are introducing the Swarovski Shine Collection featuring a crystal face and new accessories. The collection also… » 1/05/15 9:18am 1/05/15 9:18am

Jawbone UP3 Hands On: A Fitness Tracker With Some Fashion Sense

Everybody's vying for fitness tracker dominance. Microsoft released its Band last week, and new models of the Fitbit and Basis smartwatches are on the way. Now, Jawbone wants create a fashionable fitness tracker that you wouldn't mind wearing all day. » 11/05/14 12:00am 11/05/14 12:00am

Misfit's Flash Is a $50 Fitness Tracker That Packs a Punch

We first wrote about Misfit Wearables' first activity tracker, the Misfit Shine, back in 2012. Not only did it look absolutely gorgeous, but it never needed charging, and it was waterproof. It had some flaws, but for 100 bucks, it wasn't bad. Well Misfit's second wearable, the Flash, is here, and it just undercut… » 9/16/14 11:00am 9/16/14 11:00am

The Simplest Way to Track Your Sleep Yet

A lot of us suck at sleep. But exactly how do we suck at it? Do we toss and turn a lot? Snore? Are we roused by outside noises? Well, the new Misfit Beddit Sleep System promises to answer those questions. » 7/10/14 1:00pm 7/10/14 1:00pm

Watch Out Fitbit, This Badass New Activity Tracker Is Out to Eat Your…

You might not have ever heard of Misfit Wearables but you'll want to pay attention starting now that its first gadget has made its debut. » 11/14/12 12:00pm 11/14/12 12:00pm

Shine for iPhone

You'd think it'd be easy to make a weather app but most are just terribly cluttered and vomit-inducingly ugly. Shine for iPhone actually cares about how you're going to use it—it's fast, gorgeous and super simple to use. » 5/17/11 6:00pm 5/17/11 6:00pm

What is it?

Shine, $1, iPhone. It's a weather app. And I didn't care about weather apps when I… » 5/17/11 6:00pm 5/17/11 6:00pm

LG's New Black Label Cellphone: First Look

LG is following up the love-it or hate-it Chocolate, and the Shine, with its third "Black Label" device: the as-yet unnamed cellphone you can see here. It looks a more serious and slender beast than the first two, and sports a five megapixel camera, tempered glass and a carbon-fiber finish. Other than that we can't… » 4/07/08 4:00am 4/07/08 4:00am

LG Shine Arrives on AT&T

LG's shine has finally made it to the States in actual Shine form—as opposed to the Verizon flip version—and you can get yours for only $149 and two-year contract. We showed you what the phone looked like with our spy shots, but the above image is a closer (non-blurry) look at the phone before you buy it. To refresh,… » 11/26/07 7:45pm 11/26/07 7:45pm

LG Shine Wood (Not Actually Made of Wood)

The LG Shine Wood LG-LB2500H, by all logical reason, should be made of wood. And while the Wood does sport a fine wood grain, users will be saddened to realize that no trees were killed in the making of this phone or its painted visage. » 10/28/07 10:10am 10/28/07 10:10am

AT&T LG Shine Spy Shots

Our tipster didn't give us many details on this, but apparently the LG Shine—previously seen in flip-version on Verizon—is heading to AT&T. No real details here other than it's coming (including whether it's this black finish), but check out our previous Shine coverage to see if you're interested. » 10/05/07 5:40pm 10/05/07 5:40pm

LG Shine Gets All Moody & Sexy

LG are set to add to their ever-popular Black Label Series by releasing the LG Shine in a new, sulky Titanium Black finish. To save any confusion at the checkout they're releasing this model as the 'LG Shine Titanium Black.' » 7/15/07 10:35am 7/15/07 10:35am

Verizon's LG VX8700 Reviewed (Verdict: A Decent and Shiny Multimedia…

Even though we weren't that impressed with what was under the beautiful exterior of the LG Shine, Mark at Laptop Mag seems to like its brother, the VX8700, a bit more. He points out that it's definitely the sexiest V CAST phone on Verizon, even beating out the chocolatey VX8600. » 4/23/07 6:30pm 4/23/07 6:30pm

Fake LG Shine: the Diamond KG70 Shine

LG isn't very happy about the Shine knock-offs that have been floating around, issuing cease and desist letters to manufacturers. But that isn't stopping the sale of the Diamond KG70 Shine (yet). » 4/21/07 3:30pm 4/21/07 3:30pm

LG Shine Goes Candybar, Probably Still Meh

If our hands-on with the LG Shine slider was any indication, this Shine Bar may be a phone only fashionistas will pine for. The KE770 is only 9.9mm thick (compared with the 14mm of the regular shine) and has a 320x240 display, a 2-megapixel camera with auto-focus, Bluetooth, 50MB internal storage, microSD slot, and… » 4/16/07 1:00pm 4/16/07 1:00pm

LG VX8700 Launched on Verizon: Good News

What timing. Yesterday, I reviewed the LG Shine long enough to give it a thumbs down. Today, Verizon launched the LG VX8700, the flip version of the same Shine with the same 2MP camera with design to die for and boring OS. The two share DNA, yet this one is worth considering. It's all about context. » 4/06/07 3:14pm 4/06/07 3:14pm

My 24 Hours with the LG Shine: Shiny and Sucky

I apologize for all the buzz on the mirror-faced LG Shine over the last few months. Across the Internet, it looked good. At CES, when I touched it, it looked good. I have a LG Shine here, and after spending a day with it, I've decided that it really is gorgeous (see the pics). And that it sucks. Let me name the ways. » 4/05/07 11:21pm 4/05/07 11:21pm

LG VX8700 Official for Verizon

The LG VX8700 Shine flipper gets official for Verizon, as we saw before. It's a part of the Shine family—the daddy Shine isn't making it to the states—but the entirely-covered-in-steel baby is. We're much more excited for Prada and Prada-like phones from LG, but some people love the Shine. » 3/27/07 5:59pm 3/27/07 5:59pm

LG Shine's Cousins Flip, Get Dipped in Gold

LG's popular Korean phone, the Shine, has not only been updated already, there's now two new versions planned for an eventual release. The first, a gold-dipped hedonistic version, should ship for Korea's CDMA networks first before (possibly) heading everywhere else with a GSM version. » 3/12/07 6:45pm 3/12/07 6:45pm

LG Already Updates Shine: Looks The Same, But Adds HSDPA and VGA Camera

LG is already hard at work making the next version of the , the KU970. While the exterior will remain as Shiney as ever, LG adds 3G HSDPA and a VGA camera. LG has also bumped the internal storage capacity to 512MB. Other than that, it's the same Shine that we still don't have here. At this point, I'd rather LG just… » 2/20/07 1:45pm 2/20/07 1:45pm

High Quality LG Shine, LG Prada Gallery

Whether or not LG's Prada phone will run Windows Mobile 6 or not, you can't deny that it's a pretty damn sexy phone. Heck, the same could be said for the LG Shine as well. Here's a high quality gallery of the LG Shine and Prada phones. » 2/09/07 7:30pm 2/09/07 7:30pm