This Tulip Cloaks Itself in Shimmery Iridescent Armor

Queen of Night tulips are known for their ultra-deep purple hue, with a touch of shimmer to enhance the jewel tones, but they don’t get that striking color from the usual pigment molecules. According to a new paper in The Journal of Chemical Physics, what you’re seeing is actually a result of how the plant’s cellulose… »9/15/15 11:05am9/15/15 11:05am


Diesel LED Watches Have Hidden Mirror Displays for Sci-Fi Chic

Ah, a digital watch with an LED display that's not impossible to read... fantastic! Even better, the LEDs on these new watches from Diesel are a dot-matrix screen, and are hidden behind a mirror surface that makes the whole package look suitably sci-fi. Like something Luke would've worn on his cybernetic wrist. You… »6/12/08 9:15am6/12/08 9:15am

Griffin Reflect Case: Chrome Without the Scratches, Has a Magic Window

Griffin Reflect is a unique iPod and SanDisk Sansa case that looks like the shiny back of an iPod, but instead of being made of the iPods' scratch-prone chrome, it's made of hardened plastic with a mirrored chrome finish. It also has a rubberized back, which we think might have been a better idea for the iPod in the… »2/21/07 5:45pm2/21/07 5:45pm