Hydrophobic T-Shirts Are Miraculous—Until You Wash Them

A few weeks ago, an Australian startup offered to send me a T-shirt. I'm not normally on the T-shirt beat, but this one was special. The 100-percent cotton garment featured "patented hydrophobic nanotechnology" to make it super stain-resistant. "I'll be the judge of that," I thought, and a few days later the… »2/26/15 10:10am2/26/15 10:10am


Reinforced Dress Shirts Let You Safely Open Twist-Off Bottlecaps

Twist-off bottle caps are supposed to be easy to open with your bare hands. But there are still some sharp metal edges to deal with, which usually has thirsty people reaching for something to protect their hand, like their shirt tails. Finally, there's a shirt that's designed specifically to be up to the challenge. »12/13/13 9:00pm12/13/13 9:00pm

Why Exercise When You Can Buy a $50 Fake-Muscle T-Shirt?

Fifty bucks might sound expensive for an undershirt, but not when it means you can cancel your gym membership, stop buying gallons of protein powder, and sell all of your home gym equipment. Because not only does the Funkybod t-shirt promise to camouflage manboobs, it also creates the illusion you've got a muscular… »10/17/13 1:06pm10/17/13 1:06pm

This Motion-Sensing Tingling Spidey-Sense Tee Has Got Your Back

Taking the geeky fanboy t-shirt to a whole new level, ThinkGeek's just added this wonderful Spiderman tee to its collection that actually gives the wearer a Spidey-sense for when danger approaches from behind. But instead of a radioactive spider bite, a proximity sensor clipped to the back of the shirt provides the… »7/17/13 3:20pm7/17/13 3:20pm

Gap Employees Will Someday Be Replaced By This T-Shirt Folding Bot

Great news for anyone who's ever felt ignored by snooty Gap employees that seem more interested in what's happening in their headsets than their customers. To celebrate its one year anniversary, ROS Industrial put together this highlight reel of its robots in action, including a bit showing this arm deftly folding a… »5/17/13 11:43am5/17/13 11:43am

Amazon Blocks The Sale of Gross, Auto-Generated "Keep Calm and Rape Her" Shirts

The whole "Keep Calm and [X]" trend has been a fun little meme for merchandisers everywhere, ever since the now-public domain WWII slogan was rediscovered. But a seller on Amazon might have taken the opportunity too far. So far, in fact, that Amazon found itself having to take down some offers for a "Keep Calm and… »3/02/13 7:00pm3/02/13 7:00pm

Don't Toss That Tattered Old Tee, Immortalize It In This T-Shirt Shaped Frame

You loved wearing it out in public all those years, but deep down you new your favorite t-shirt—with its ironic catchphrase/humorous illustration/retro faded corporate logo—would not last forever. Instead of demoting it to rag duty, you can immortalize it forever in this t-shirt-shaped T-Frame. »3/01/13 4:20pm3/01/13 4:20pm

Adjustable Collar Stays Keep You Dapper No Matter the Shirt

Is there anything worse than finding yourself at a fancy shindig with your collars curling because you forgot to re-insert your collar stays? Well, a lot of things actually, but it's still an awkward situation that can be avoided with a set of these emergency Swiss Stays that can be adjusted to fit any collar. »1/15/13 10:31am1/15/13 10:31am