Sony Hosts XBR8 LED LCD vs. Plasma Shootout (You'll Never Guess Who Wins)

Sony celebrated the launch of its XBR8 tricolor-LED-backlit LCD TV lineup with a Pioneer-style darkened-room shoot-out. The 55" XBR8 was pitted against an unnamed popular plasma set. What you see above is the LCD on the left, and the plasma on the right. But wait, we thought plasmas always had the upper hand when it… »6/05/08 7:53pm6/05/08 7:53pm

Shootout: Canon Rebel XTi vs. Nikon D80 vs. Sony Alpha A100

Patrick Singleton at DigitalCameraInfo has put together one of the best comparisons yet between the Sony Alpha A100, the Canon Rebel XTi and the Nikon D80, three digital SLRs that cost between $900 and $1100. Since we're debating the attributes of cameras in this class here at the Giz, this comprehensive shootout is… »11/24/06 9:16am11/24/06 9:16am