In the Pantheon of Stupid Criminals, HDTV Shoplifter Reigns Supreme

December! The season of love, family, and most of all, clumsy, desperate larceny. Exhibit 27: This guy, who tries to sneak an entire HDTV out of a big-box store in broad daylight. What was the plan here, exactly? » 12/23/09 8:05pm 12/23/09 8:05pm

Thieves Swipe 42 iPod nanos, Not Realizing Two 80 GB iPods Would've…

A 30-pound Plexiglas display case containing 42 iPod nanos walked out of an Apple Store in Boulder, CO, courtesy of either very sneaky shoplifters, snoozing store clerks, or some devious combination of the two. You'd think someone walking out of an Apple Store carrying a big glass box filled with $8705 worth of nanos… » 1/21/07 9:30am 1/21/07 9:30am