One truly terrifying love story

I don't know what the hell I was expecting from a short titled He Took His Skin Off For Me, but I sure wasn't expecting this. A love story that is a horror nightmare that is a metaphor of certain relationships. Or vice versa. All with with excellent 100-percent practical special effects. Hard to watch, but worth it. » 1/12/15 10:35pm 1/12/15 10:35pm

Short film: The nightmare of living with a crappy roommate

Director Alexander Engel sent us his short This Is It—a 3-minute look into the daily life of roommates with a dialog entirely constructed with questions. It is funny because this is really it, this is exactly how it is. My advice: Don't live with a roommate. Try to avoid it at all costs because all roommates suck at… » 12/15/14 10:02pm 12/15/14 10:02pm

Short film: What happens when plastic toys go to war

This wonderfully made animation plays up war as something that's actually fun. There are guns that shoot out flowers and grenades that are actually caramel apple lollipops. But because war is actually a horrific thing, the short film takes a dark turn. If only it were always flowers and lollipops. » 11/26/14 11:57pm 11/26/14 11:57pm

Short film: Crazy infernal breakup feels so real it's actually hilarious

Its animators describe Mortal Breakup Inferno as "an angry girlfriend's infernal hunt of the man who broke her heart." I find it hilarious because it reminds me of some real cases that may or may have not involved men or women turning into fire-breathing monsters—although none had a final twist like this. » 9/09/14 11:45pm 9/09/14 11:45pm

This short with Alan Rickman just destroyed one of my childhood memories

I don't know if the short Dust—written and directed by Ben Ockrent and Jake Russell—is a fairy tale or a horror tale. Let's just say that I didn't expect the end at all. This is very disturbing but worth watching, and not only because I love Alan Rickman in the role of... of... you just watch and see. » 8/20/14 7:43pm 8/20/14 7:43pm

This animated short about a lazy guy in outer space is pretty hilarious

I enjoyed this animated short called Johnny Express and written, directed and animated by Kyungmin Woo very, very much. Give it a watch. It's about a lazy delivery man of the universe in the year 2150 who stumbles upon an alien world that he doesn't quite understand. It's cute and hilarious and oodles of fun. I don't… » 5/08/14 11:15pm 5/08/14 11:15pm

This sci-fi death match in space short is better than Hollywood movies

If you crossed Hunger Games with Oblivion, mixed in some feelings of Moon, sprinkled a little of action from that Bourne movie without Matt Damon and shook it all up with astronaut suits, futuristic guns, another planet and an eerie death match you would get Project Skyborn, a heart pumping short by Marko Slavnic.… » 3/14/14 12:14am 3/14/14 12:14am

This cute animation about love is just as good as any Pixar short

Sit back, grab a hot cup of tea, maybe open up a bag of cookies and enjoy yourself with this lovely musical animation called Love in the Time of Advertising. It's a short made by David Bokser & Matt Berenty and it's adorable in all the right ways, punching through with humor, emotion, double meanings and visual style… » 1/29/14 10:54pm 1/29/14 10:54pm

Ctrl Shift: If Computers Were Alive They'd Just Want to Bone You (NSFW)

Thank God computers are satisfied with the one-way relationship we have with them. We put them to work every single day, asking them to check our e-mail, using them to follow the news, play with them by going on Facebook and making them creep to the darker corners of the Internet. What do they get for all that? Just… » 7/12/13 1:00am 7/12/13 1:00am

What the World Would Look Like If Computers Were Human and Humans Were Computers

Can you imagine what the world would look like if humans were actually Apple computers and Apple computers were actually human? As in, computers are the ones getting excited for a new Human release (like how we clamor for new iPhones, etc.) It's kind of Planet of the Apes-ish except instead of apes it's just a world… » 2/19/13 11:00pm 2/19/13 11:00pm