The solitude of space exploration should be turned into a tablet game

There might not be anything more awesome than going to space. It's an incredible achievement and the idea of exploring the unknown is fascinating. But as this short animation called Solus by Zac Dixon for Identity Visuals shows, it can get quite lonely. Watch it, it's nearly as good as any feature. » 11/22/14 12:30am 11/22/14 12:30am

Fab Sauce is one of the most disturbing animations I've seen in a while

Adult Swim has new promotional shorts, and they are fantastically weird. This one is Fab Sauce, a film about a sauce so good that it makes every object, plant, and animal irresistibly delicious. Humans too. John Carpenter should do a movie based on this. » 9/10/14 7:33pm 9/10/14 7:33pm

Here's Your Adorable First Look At Pixar's Upcoming Short

"Lava" is the Disney Pixar short that will premiere before the feature-length movie Inside Out next summer. Judging by this first sneak peek, it's going to be absolutely adorable. » 8/30/14 6:00pm 8/30/14 6:00pm

How an alien race may transform barren worlds into living paradises

It starts ominously. A robot spacecraft flies into a planet's atmosphere and embeds itself into the ground. Scouts are sent off to test the planet's resources and presumably suck the planet dry. I've seen this movie about robot uprisings and the hijacking of Earth too many times. Luckily, this short isn't one of them. » 8/21/14 9:33pm 8/21/14 9:33pm

Watch This Oscar-Nominated Short: Adam and Dog

Not every Oscar-worthy film is a mammoth, Speilbergian effort. Small stuff's good too, and what better showcase than the Oscar nominated animated shorts. You've probably heard of Paperman, and the animation tech behind it, but another one, Adam and Dog has popped up on YouTube and it's worth a watch. » 2/10/13 9:00pm 2/10/13 9:00pm

Watch Egg Meet Mousetrap, and Other Slo-Mo Calamities

First come the bullets charging through the jello. Then the hand crashing down on the stack of cement. And by the time you get to lighters in a blender, you realize that life is so much better in slow motion. » 8/19/10 11:00pm 8/19/10 11:00pm

Sex, Blood, and Post-Its: A Short Film Shot Entirely On a Scanner

It's one thing to shoot an entire short film on a Canon flatbed computer scanner. It's another to do it well. With Memoirs of a Scanner, Mindfruit Films pretty much nailed it. » 3/10/10 8:00pm 3/10/10 8:00pm

10 Year Old Video of Steve Jobs (In Shorts) Defining Apple

Sometime after 1997 when Jobs returned to Apple, he gave this motivational speech defining Apple and their "core beliefs". While wearing shorts. While we can't promise he'll be sporting bare legs this Wednesday, this minute-long clip is powerful stuff. » 1/25/10 5:20am 1/25/10 5:20am

A Peek at the Oscar Animated Shorts Nominees

With the Oscars this weekend and all of their red carpet pageantry, it's always easy to forget that some of the most innovative art and storytelling is found in the animated shorts. » 2/20/09 4:40pm 2/20/09 4:40pm