Magno Radio Gives Your Tunes Some Eco-Friendly Wood

This Magno radio is simplicity with knobs on, very retro-toytown, if you ask me. Designed by Singgih Kartono, it is made from sustainable wood instead of nasty non-biodegradable plastic like every other audio gadget out there. It's "MP3 player compatible," (which we guess means it's got a line in) has AM/FM and… » 2/07/08 5:44am 2/07/08 5:44am

Grundig Eton Satellit 750 Shortwave Radio (Yes, Shortwave)

The Beef: I am not a shortwave enthusiast, by any means, but the industrial design, open for a literal interpretation on the industrial. It's got AM, FM, shortwave, longwave, SSB and aircraft band frequencies. There's a scan or manual input by 10-key. And check the analog gauge and yellow-glow back lighting. Very… » 1/05/08 8:30pm 1/05/08 8:30pm