Drink Yourself Jolly With Candy Cane Shot Glasses

You can hang 'em from trees, eat your dinner with 'em—and now even get drunk out of 'em. Candy cane is the new super material, and these shot glasses are proof. » 12/11/12 6:08am 12/11/12 6:08am

Camera Lens Shot Glass Makes Everything Look Better

You're poring over the hundreds of photos you shot on a Saturday afternoon. They're all shit. You drink a mystery liquid from a miniature vessel resembling a Canon lens. Magically, those photos now look great. $18 (for 3). [Photojojo via Laughing Squid]
» 8/12/11 9:20pm 8/12/11 9:20pm

Magnetic Shot Glasses Stay Put Even When You're Sloshed

Attach this magnetic sextet of colorful 1.5-inch shot glasses to their included stainless steel tray, and the conical vessels stay put even if you hold the tray upside down. At first we thought there was some magical way to hold the contained liquid in place while the glasses were held upside down, too, but what do… » 10/19/07 12:35pm 10/19/07 12:35pm

Cool Shooters for Icy Shots

Here's a $7 ice cube tray that makes itself useful, giving you perfectly formed shot glasses of pure ice into which you can pour your favorite spirits. Might be perfect for that Jägermeister bash you have planned for this weekend. » 3/29/07 5:00pm 3/29/07 5:00pm

Envious Illuminated Shot Glasses

The weekend, a favorite time for all. The perfect time to drink away the week that was. Here we have illuminating shot glasses that were developed by students at the University of Pennsylvania for an undergraduate project. They are frosted shot glasses that illuminate when tapped on a hard surface. Once tapped, or… » 1/29/06 2:23pm 1/29/06 2:23pm