This Is the Oldest Record In History—Scanned and Recreated From a Photo

Sometime in 1889, Emile Berliner recorded the first album in the history of the world. Then, that record by the father of the gramophone was destroyed. Today, Patrick Feaster, a sound historian at Indiana University, recreated the album using just a printed photograph of the album. His technique defies belief. »6/29/12 5:20pm6/29/12 5:20pm

Wouldn't You Like to Be In One of the Five Most Relaxing Houses In the World Right Now?

It may be warm and nice or rainy and miserable outside but, most probably, you have office weather in your office cubicle. Wouldn't you rather be in one of these dream vacation houses now? They have to be the most relaxing and beautiful buildings on Earth. Or at least in the top 10. Dream on. »6/18/12 11:00am6/18/12 11:00am