Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Shower Curtain: Don't Worry, He Can't See

For those who love Star Wars so much they're willing to get really, really intimate with their collectibles, here's a Han Solo shower curtain depicting the hero frozen in carbonite so you can be completely naked next to your favorite character while you shower, and he won't see a thing. »11/19/14 8:28am11/19/14 8:28am


Bloody Serial Killer Shower Curtain Brings Murderous Fun Into the Bathroom

There's actually a lot more to this bloody shower curtain Halloween decoration than meets the eye. There's the obvious stuff, of course, like the homage to Alfred Hitchcock classic Psycho. And the blood splatters and hand prints themselves say a lot about the owner. But beyond that, there's a little something extra in… »7/27/08 4:00pm7/27/08 4:00pm