Outward-Arched Curtain Hooks Make Any Shower Feel Gigantic

The only thing more annoying than having to shower in a cramped bathtub doing double-duty is having the curtain constantly blowing in, minimizing what little space you have already. An arched curtain rod is one solution, but that is nowhere near as easy to install as these Curvit arched hooks that push your shower's… »1/12/15 10:39am1/12/15 10:39am

A Redesigned Drain Cover Fixes the Worst Cleaning Chore In Your Home

Taking out the trash is never fun. Vacuuming the living room is rarely enjoyable. But few chores are as despised as having to clean the hair from the drain cover in your shower. Thankfully, a clever designer named Chen Wanting agrees, and has come up with a brilliantly simple solution allowing long hair to be just… »10/02/14 1:10pm10/02/14 1:10pm

There's Less To Clean When a Sink and Shower Share the Same Faucet

For this to actually work it requires a very specific layout in your bathroom, but the renovations could be totally worth it. Because Julia Kononenko's 'Two In One' faucet is attached to an articulated arm so it can used for showering in the upright position, or for brushing your teeth when swung down over a basin. »2/28/14 3:40pm2/28/14 3:40pm

Squeegee Shower Hangers Keep You One Step Ahead of Soap Scum

Cleaning a neglected shower is just about the worst household chore there is. But if you can spare an extra minute after your daily shower, you can eliminate soap scum before it becomes stuck to tiles like super glue by simply wiping down the walls with this handy squeegee, designed to hang on your curtain rod or… »1/27/14 6:40pm1/27/14 6:40pm

Water-Saving Showerhead Pumps Every Drop Full Of Air

Your typical water saving showerhead manages to reduce the flow by simply using smaller holes. But the downside is that those eco alternatives don't provide quite the same showering experience. So a Japanese company has developed a brilliant alternative that aerates the water so a reduced flow still feels like an… »12/14/12 10:28am12/14/12 10:28am

The World's Tallest Five-Story Shower Fountain Makes a Leaking Roof Beautiful

Located at the Lotte Department Store in Busan—the second largest city in South Korea—this mesmerizing fountain actually plummets five stories from the ceiling. And as the water drops tumble towards a small pool on the ground, they create complex designs and even spell out words like "Busan" and "Lotte." The ten… »7/31/12 9:40am7/31/12 9:40am