HBO and Friends Want Their Own Pipes for Internet TV

Just when you thought the net neutrality debate had died down, a band of content providers now want special treatment. The Wall Street Journal reports that HBO, Sony, and Showtime are asking internet service providers to be treated as "managed" services. In other words, they want dedicated bandwidth for their video… »3/19/15 5:28pm3/19/15 5:28pm

Disney, ESPN and ABC Widgets Could be Streaming to Yahoo TVs Soon

The WSJ has heard from those elusive sources, who're claiming that Yahoo is talking with Disney about developing TV-streaming widgets for the ESPN, ABC and Disney networks. People with Yahoo Connected TVs could stream TV shows from those networks, along with movie trailers and in ESPN's case, stats. These apps would… »1/10/11 4:16am1/10/11 4:16am

ShowTime Brings True Video Recording to the iPhone (Verdict: Nice, but We Want More)

Click to viewShowTime is a new application which captures and saves video at six frames per second, 320 x 627 resolution. Not as fast Drunknbass, but this one actually saves the video clips to the iPhone's flash memory as individual files. The application looks and feels polished, even if the recording format is… »1/05/08 4:27pm1/05/08 4:27pm