All the Private Space You’ll Ever Need, In One Little Box

Everyone needs (or demands) their own bit of defensible space. In an increasingly urbanizing world with living conditions becoming ever more dense, that space may not amount to much. Still, the diminutive dimensions of this private cloister (the smaller, the better, says the "good" urbanist) need not be boring, nor… » 6/14/12 3:20pm 6/14/12 3:20pm

iPod Shrine Winner: Robots Rule

Congrats to zZz and his motorized robot with an iPod heart, your android is the proud owner of a new Apple iPod 30GB video player—send an e-mail to let me know whether he/she wants it in black or white (to match the spooky mask). » 11/30/05 7:00pm 11/30/05 7:00pm

iPod Shrine Contest: Vote on the Winner

The end times are near. The Apple iPod 30GB video player is ready for its new home. Which shrine does it belong in? Gizmodo's editors will make the final call, but we want to know how you would vote. The finalists are after the jump. » 11/29/05 7:00pm 11/29/05 7:00pm

iPod Shrine of the Day: Last Respects

The pilgrimage is nearly complete. Today's shrine, a hand-made ode to Ganesha, is the last iPod Shrine of the Day. The rest of you shrine-keepers have until midnight EST tonight to enter your devotionals and win an Apple iPod 30GB video player. Tomorrow will begin the first in a series of elimination rounds that you… » 11/28/05 7:09pm 11/28/05 7:09pm

iPod Shrine Contest: Devotees Welcome

Gizmodo is giving away a 30GB iPod video player to the person who builds the best shrine devoted to it. We first posed the challenge last week, and since then plenty of readers sent in Photoshop fantasies like the Meccapple Store (you can see it, and then declare your fatwa on Gizmodo, after the jump). » 11/21/05 12:30pm 11/21/05 12:30pm

Hopelessly Devoted - iPod Shrine Contest

When it comes to religious devotion to gizmos, nothing inspires fanaticism like the iPod. This spirituality has been manifest in an endless processional of cases, docks, and speakers. But to date, it has not engendered much of a homegrown, folk-artsy patronage. There are no iPod milagros in Mexico. Certainly no Apple… » 11/17/05 2:30pm 11/17/05 2:30pm