Shure Brings Its Legendary Microphone Chops to Your iPhone

From the stage to the studio, Shure makes some of the most ubiquitous microphones in the world. They're reliable, high-quality workhorses. With the new Shure Motiv line of microphones, the company hopes to translate some of that success to millions of iPhone users. » 1/05/15 10:00pm 1/05/15 10:00pm

Shure's $40 Headphones Are an Audio Legend's Shot at Cheap Cans

It's not uncommon for people to shell out $200 or more for a pair of headphones that aren't even good, which is why a set of $40 cans from a company we actually trust sounds pretty darn good. » 10/01/14 9:00am 10/01/14 9:00am

Shure's New Cheap Earbuds Will Sound Way Better Than Your Crap EarPods

Shure is one of the oldest players in the earbud game—the company accidentally helped invent the category in the 90s whilst designing in-ear stage monitors for musicians. The company's stuff sounds fantastic, and now with it's new SE112, they'll cost just a couple bucks more than the unfortunate buds that ship with… » 1/03/14 11:54am 1/03/14 11:54am

The Best Headphones for Running

The right music doesn't soothe the savage beast, it makes the beast more savage. When you're going for a long run, that's exactly what you want. The pulse of thumping beats can make you feel superhuman. It certainly beats the sound of your own labored breathing. » 4/25/12 1:13pm 4/25/12 1:13pm

Shure SRH-940 Headphones Lightning Review: Serious Bang for the Buck

Shure has been killing it for years with their line of professional in-ear monitors. In 2010, it turned its attention to full-sized headphones. Does the SRH-940, their latest and greatest closed-back model, earn its keep? » 2/06/12 4:30pm 2/06/12 4:30pm

Guaranteed Awesome Gifts for the Future Rock Star

Someday your friend who's always strumming the guitar or singing in the shower or tapping his hands at the dinner table might become a rockstar. Help him, and make sure he remembers you when he's bigtime, with these guaranteed awesome gifts. » 12/18/10 11:00am 12/18/10 11:00am

Travel Gifts For People Who Sleep On Airplanes More Than In Beds

There's a certain type of person for whom airports and airplanes cease to be novel, and start to feel like home. This is depressing, on many levels! Which is why these people need gifts. Lots and lots of gifts. » 11/23/09 7:10pm 11/23/09 7:10pm

Shure Sound Isolating SE115m+ Headset For The iPhone Has 3 Buttons To…

Shure has updated their SE115 with an a "m" and a "+" that delivers a built-in mic and 3-button remote for iPhone/iPod users. » 10/22/09 11:50am 10/22/09 11:50am

Shure SRH Over-the-Ear Headphones for People Who Don't Like Brain…

I've tried in-ear headphones and I just can't stand them. That's why I walk around like an 80s DJ nowadays, with big over-the-ear muffs and Rick James t-shirt. That's why Shure wasn't on my list of potential headphones until today. » 7/20/09 7:30pm 7/20/09 7:30pm

From the Archives: Our Cut-the-Crap Earphone Battlemodo

You probably know that your stock earbuds are doing a disservice to you and your music, but choosing an in-ear headphone upgrade from the indistinguishable masses can seem impossible. So we did it for you. » 4/16/09 8:01am 4/16/09 8:01am

Shuffle-Compatible Headphones Trickle In From Etymotics, Klipsch,…

We're just starting to get word on Shuffle VoiceOver-friendly headphones coming from third-party manufacturers. In addition to the news we've already seen from Scosche, there's a $100 pair from Klipsch, and we're being told that there will be more announced from Monster and Etymotics shortly, if not already. Shure… » 3/12/09 1:58pm 3/12/09 1:58pm

Shure SE115 Low-End Headphone Update Adds More... Low End

Shure's affordable SE110 headphones may be celebrated, but they decided to improve the design anyway. The SE115 adds bass without crowding out mids and highs, and—apparently by popular demand—comes in four colors. » 1/06/09 12:00pm 1/06/09 12:00pm

Shure Hits Home Recording with First USB Mics PG27USB and PG42USB and…

Anybody who has ever recorded in studio or garage knows that "Shure" spells "microphone." This year, they finally get into the USB mic action with PG27USB and PG42USB, plus the X2u USB mic adapter. » 1/06/09 12:00pm 1/06/09 12:00pm

5 Gadgets You Can't Skimp On (And How to Save Money Buying Them)

The Financiapocalypse can't stop Christmas, but it can sure as hell suck some of the joy out of it. At the very least, it's probably making you reconsider just how much you wanna spend on toys for yourself and others this holiday season. You're probably looking to cut corners here and there, on dollar-store… » 11/26/08 12:20pm 11/26/08 12:20pm

Monster Turbine In-Ear Headphones Impressions (High Quality, Decent…

Monster just announced their first ear buds, the Turbine "In-Ear Speakers", a followup to the Beats By Dre cans » 11/12/08 12:00am 11/12/08 12:00am, and they are quite nice for the $150 price tag. I tried them on for a few hours, and so far I've been impressed with the clean, deep bass and crisp, clear mids and highs. In fact, I'd be willing to put them…

Shure Rolls Out Cheaper SE102MPA Phone Headset, Bundles Free Music…

As you know from our recent » 9/02/08 12:30pm 9/02/08 12:30pm , we love Shure's SE line of in-ear headphones, especially when paired with the Music Phone Adapter that gives you a microphone and control button for your iPhone. Previously, the MPA was a $50 add-on and the cheapest phones you could get it with were the $120 SE110s, but the new SE102MPA…

Cut-the-Crap iPhone Headset Battlemodo

Whether you love or hate your iPhone, you'll get tired of holding that big sticky piece of glass next to your face eventually. Want have a talk while you work or exercise? Need hands-free calling behind the wheel? Do you just have lazy, withered arms? Chances are you need a headset. Though the famed white earbuds are… » 8/21/08 12:00pm 8/21/08 12:00pm

Ultimate Cut-The-Crap In-Ear Headphone Battlemodo

Why do music lovers put up with cheap stock earbuds? You've spent hundreds of dollars on an MP3 player then effectively nullify your investment with headphones that suck the soul out of the music that you love. Choosing a higher-end set of earphones is almost impossible, since there are way too many, and they are… » 8/07/08 2:00pm 8/07/08 2:00pm