The Government Shutdown Has Created a Science Ghost Town at NIH

With days of the shutdown dragging on, projects and services across almost all government agencies are, you know, stalled. And the situation at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, MD is unstable, according to a report in Nature. Hundreds of experiments with animals and cell lines are in jeopardy because… »10/12/13 4:51pm10/12/13 4:51pm

A 5-Year-Old Crying Because NASA's Website Is Shut Down Is So Sad

Well, this is just horrible. Summing up how sane people feel about the government shutdown and hopefully making Congress feel like imbeciles, a 5-year-old boy is in tears because NASA's official website no longer works because of the idiotic government shutdown. Squabble all you want but don't rob kids of their space… »10/09/13 10:00pm10/09/13 10:00pm

The FDA Isn't Inspecting Food During The Government Shutdown

E-coli outbreaks crop up every now and then. Some are more widespread then others, but if they're related to food and especially if that food may have crossed state lines, the FDA starts tracing to find the source. If foodborne bacteria cause an outbreak in the U.S. today, though, the FDA won't do anything. Because… »10/06/13 9:30am10/06/13 9:30am

Some Sites Will Go Offline If the Government Shuts Down On Tuesday

Though powering .gov websites isn't at the core of the U.S. government's financial woes, certain agencies will take their websites offline if there is a shutdown on Tuesday. Ars is reporting that the Library of Congress, the National Parks Department, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Federal Trade… »9/29/13 3:49pm9/29/13 3:49pm

iTunes Shutdown Scare Officially Over, Officially Dumb

The National Music Publishers Board didn't get their request to the Copyright Royalty Board for a larger cut of digital music sales, putting a definitive end to a miniature media crisis over the "possible" shutdown of iTunes. Apple threw a minor shit-fit over the prospective hike last year, insinuating that they might… »10/03/08 7:10am10/03/08 7:10am

LHC Repair Update: Temperature Must Be Raised so Repairmen Don't Die

In case you were still worried about the LHC bringing on the biblical apocalypse »9/20/08 4:00pm9/20/08 4:00pm, you can calm down, because it turns out the Collider is going to be out of commission for a lot longer than previously thought. wasn't the cause of the shutdown at all, and the real problem means the LHC won't be back up and running for…