Old Beijing Subway Trains Get Second Life As Homeless Shelters

Ever wonder what happens to old subway cars when subway lines upgrade to newer trains? In Beijing at least, the ones used pre-Olympics have been shipped to Sichuan and converted into temporary winter shelters. Ten DK-16 trains, each with six cars, are now in Guangyuan, a city north of Sichuan's capital Chengdu. » 12/01/08 11:30pm 12/01/08 11:30pm

Fake Water Cube Building Spotted in Sichuan, China

We've long known about certain companies in China “borrowing inspiration” » 10/29/08 3:00am 10/29/08 3:00am from more , but it looks like architects aren't safe from copycat syndrome either. Check out this spa building in Chongqing, the capital of Sichuan (where the earthquakes happened), which looks a little like it have been designed by someone…