T-Mobile Sidekick 2008 Review

The Gadget: The Sidekick 2008, which follows up the Sidekick LX and Sidekick Slide as a "main" unit (read: not low-end like the iD) in the Sidekick series. It's got improved features like a 2.0-megapixel camera, 2.6-inch display (400x240), video recording/playback, stereo Bluetooth, custom "shells" and most importantly, a… » 7/30/08 12:00am 7/30/08 12:00am

Sidekick 2008/ Gekko Already Available on Craigslist

It won't make its official debut until July 30th, but if you just can't wait another 12 days to get your hands on one, it can be had right now on Craigslist. Why anyone would spend a premium amount of cash on a used test unit with the release less than two weeks away is beyond me, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone … » 7/18/08 4:58pm 7/18/08 4:58pm

Sidekick 2008/Gekko Coming July 30th

Boy Genius has word that T-Mobile's Sidekick 2008 is coming out on July 30th. The phone has Sidekick like features, and a 2.6-inch WQVGA screen, A2DP stereo Bluetooth streaming and those interchangeable faceplates we've been hearing about. The phone's OS should feel appropriately aged but at the right price, as the… » 7/16/08 8:52pm 7/16/08 8:52pm

Sidekick 2008 Images Appear, Bigger And Clearer

Some more images have popped up at Hiptop3 of the forthcoming Sidekick Gekko aka 2008 from T-Mobile, and they're the best we've seen to date. This is a slender looking hiptop witch will launch with a multitude of skins, making it the most customizable Sidekick to date. And really, with a feature like that, you'd think… » 7/14/08 6:08pm 7/14/08 6:08pm

Sidekick Gekko Is Now Sidekick 2008

The Sidekick that had been known as Gekko shall henceforth be called Sidekick 2008. Yes, it may be the first time since the year 2000 that we're sticking the date in a product name, but it's a trend we've so missed. Other than that, we just have a few more blurry-and-therefore-trustworthy leaked shots of the device for … » 7/10/08 8:58am 7/10/08 8:58am