Sidekick 2008/ Gekko Already Available on Craigslist

It won't make its official debut until July 30th, but if you just can't wait another 12 days to get your hands on one, it can be had right now on Craigslist. Why anyone would spend a premium amount of cash on a used test unit with the release less than two weeks away is beyond me, but I wouldn't be surprised if… » 7/18/08 4:58pm 7/18/08 4:58pm

Leaked Sidekick Gekko Manual Reveals Customizable Shells, Video Recording

Following the leak of Sidekick Gekko screenshots, the guys at Hiptop3 have snagged some pages of the manual. Besides confirming the 2MP camera with video recording, the blurb about being "highly customizable" is a bit more clear: Custom shells, so you can dandy up your phone any way you like (obviously for $$$). Check… » 5/23/08 2:44pm 5/23/08 2:44pm