Xbox 360 Special Edition Sidekick LX Shown Off By Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy claims that he has the only Xbox 360 Sidekick LX in the world » 8/22/08 4:50pm 8/22/08 4:50pm, something that we believe him on, seeing as Danger is a huge fan of doing limited runs of designer Sidekicks for special people. Does it mean that Soulja Boy will have the only Xbox 360 Sidekick LX forever? Tough to say, but we're hoping there's…

Sidekick LX OTA Getting Updated Starting June 25

The promised update for Sidekick LX is going to start rolling out over the air come June 25, adding video capture, video sharing, IM enhancements and various other upgrades. You might not get updated until a few days after June 25, however. Hit the jump for the full listing courtesy of Boy Genius. [Boy Genius Report » 6/16/08 12:40pm 6/16/08 12:40pm

Tony Hawk Limited Edition Sidekick LX Now Official

The T-Mobile Sidekick LX Tony Hawk Edition gets official, with Tony's name emblazed across the Sharp-ade Sidekick device. It's pretty much the same as the standard Sidekick LX, except this one has video recording and "play and share," among other small upgrades. As a bonus, check out the gallery to see how really… » 6/05/08 2:43pm 6/05/08 2:43pm

Sidekick LX Getting Video Recording and Playback, Maybe YouTube Action

Here's a snagged screen pointing to video recording and playback coming to the Sidekick LX in a future update. Nothing definitive on which codecs will be supported, but possibly H.264, which YouTube encodes videos in for Apple, meaning you might be able to watch YouTube videos. Or it could be a different one, and… » 5/02/08 6:55pm 5/02/08 6:55pm

Evolution of the Sidekick Flip From the 3, iD, LX to the Slide

As part of the Slide review process, Benny G and I just made this super-quick video of all four recent models: Sidekick 3, Sidekick iD, Sidekick LX and Sidekick Slide. What will you notice? Changes in flip action, changes in the flip sound effects, and remarkable difference in screen brightness and clarity. But one… » 11/02/07 5:00pm 11/02/07 5:00pm

Sidekick LX Unboxing Gallery and Sidekick Sizemodo

Click to viewThe FedEx man just made us happy by dropping off a Sidekick LX, which will be available to T-Mobile customers tomorrow, and will be "widely available" on October 24th at T-Mobile stores and at t-mobile.com. Here's a look at its classy exterior, definitely more of a grown-ups Sidekick than any we've seen… » 10/16/07 11:47am 10/16/07 11:47am

Sidekick LX's Manual Uploaded to Support Pages

When will T-Mobile put us out of our misery and launch that Sidekick LX we are lusting after? Not too long now, my precious. The manual for the device has been uploaded to T-Mobile's support website. Noteworthy features include the LX's new broader range of media file compatibility, including support for MP3, WMA,… » 10/14/07 3:34pm 10/14/07 3:34pm

Sidekick LX Gets Release Date and More Grainy Shots

Following up on the previous grainy shots of the Sidekick LX, Hiptop 3 has more shots plus a release date. The date is supposedly October 24, which is far enough away from the holidays to make for a nice present. The LX looks a bit thinner/wider than the ZANTE, also known as the Sidekick Slide (we think). The sound… » 9/20/07 2:50pm 9/20/07 2:50pm