USB Gadget Display is Like Vista Sideshow, but Supports Windows XP

When is Vista Sideshow not Vista Sideshow? When it does the same thing as Sideshow—display little widgets on an external device—but doesn't use Vista's Gadgets. The USB Gadget Display does look like a little 2-inch LCD display, which shows clocks and various other things like CPU and RAM usage (but mostly clocks)… »3/19/08 8:00pm3/19/08 8:00pm

ControlThink's Vista SideShow and Z-Wave Home Theater/Automation Remote

The Vista feature you pretty much forgot about is back: ControlThink's got a new remote control platform for Windows Media Center and other devices called ThinkRemote that leverages Vista's oft-touted-but-rarely used SideShow. That's right, you can get SideShow information and gadgets anywhere in your house since the… »9/11/07 1:30pm9/11/07 1:30pm

Nvidia's Preface Adds Video and Music Support to SideShow

Looks like we can add another player to the list of SideShow supporters. Nvidia's new Preface technology is meant to go hand-in-hand with MS' SideShow by adding audio, video, and imaging capabilities to SideShow devices. So for example a Media Center remote with Preface/SideShow might look something like this with… »1/30/07 8:05pm1/30/07 8:05pm

Microsoft Sideshow + Interlink = SideLink Media Center Remote Control

Microsoft and Interlink have introduced a Sideshow-equipped Bluetooth remote they have ingeniously dubbed the SideLink. Vista Media Center controls are all squashed onto the handheld, giving you control over music, videos and even television scheduling/recording via the 2.5" color LCD screen. Now if only they could… »1/08/07 2:59pm1/08/07 2:59pm