Razer Mamba vs. SideWinder X8: Wireless Gaming Mice Review

Gamers have avoided wireless mice like girls with cooties, fearing the grim fate of death and teabagging induced by milliseconds of lag. Razer's Mamba and Microsoft SideWinder X8 promise total wireless freedom, sans teabagging. » 4/13/09 1:00pm 4/13/09 1:00pm

SideWinder X8 Wireless Gaming Mouse Has Ridiculous 4000DPI, Still…

A wireless mouse is blasphemy for most gamers-Logitech's got the G7, but Razer won't go near wireless-so naturally, that's exactly what Microsoft's revived, genre-busting SideWinder is doing with the X8. Not only is it wireless-using a 2.4GHz connection, like the G7-it escalates the silly DPI arms race, taking it up to … » 9/10/08 12:40pm 9/10/08 12:40pm

Lightning Review: Microsoft SideWinder X6 Gaming Keyboard

The Gadget » 9/05/08 3:00pm 9/05/08 3:00pm: , their first ever bona fide SideWinder gaming keyboard, designed especially for Sith Lords with red adjustable backlighting, a pisston of macros and a hot swappable number/macro keypad.

Microsoft Releasing SideWinder Keyboard in September?

Is Microsoft continuing their SideWinder brand revival—started with a mouse—with the release of a keyboard later this year? Perhaps, but this SideWinder X6 seems to be a pretty interesting keyboard in any case. It's got red (perhaps glowing?) keys, a detatchable num-pad, programmable buttons and TWO gigantic knobs on… » 7/20/08 2:30pm 7/20/08 2:30pm

First Look at Microsoft's Crazy Sidewinder Gaming Mouse (Designed by…

The first joystick I ever bought was a Msft Sidewinder. Some hands on time with their new mouse, the first ever to carry this brand, was very positive: it's worthy of the marquee and a is a well engineered pointer, even if it does look like a Darth Vader's Imperial interrogation droid-ette. Or a hydrofoil. First off, a … » 8/22/07 2:28am 8/22/07 2:28am