Gaming on the Death Star: Microsoft SideWinder X6 Keyboard With Switchable Keypad and X5 Mouse

I don't know who's designing Microsoft's gaming hardware after their brief hiatus from the market, but they're insane, in the best possible way-they've actually got some inspired, unique form factors, besides a huge Vader hard-on. The first SideWinder keyboard ever »8/20/08 3:00am8/20/08 3:00am, the X6, has a macro/numberpad that'll dock on either…

Microsoft Releasing SideWinder Keyboard in September?

Is Microsoft continuing their SideWinder brand revival—started with a mouse—with the release of a keyboard later this year? Perhaps, but this SideWinder X6 seems to be a pretty interesting keyboard in any case. It's got red (perhaps glowing?) keys, a detatchable num-pad, programmable buttons and TWO gigantic knobs on… »7/20/08 2:30pm7/20/08 2:30pm