This Fridge's Vacuum Sealed Drawer Puts Fresh Food Into Cryostasis

With its new Freshness Center refrigerator, Siemens wants you to get rid of that freezer bag sealing contraption on your counter. In addition to the standard fridge and freezer compartments, the KG38QAL30 has a third drawer with a section that vacuum seals itself, preserving fresh foods like vegetables and meats up to… » 9/06/13 6:20pm 9/06/13 6:20pm

The World's Biggest Wind Turbine Is as Broad as an Airbus 380

The first commercial offshore wind turbine that Siemens created 30 years ago had 5-meter long blades and produced a paltry 30kW. A lot can change over three decades. The company's newest offshore model isn't just the biggest in the sea; it's the biggest anywhere. » 11/20/12 4:40pm 11/20/12 4:40pm

The 5 Most Evil Things Tech Companies Helped Happen

If oppressive regimes want to stay oppressive, they need to fear—and wield—technology like a sword covered in napalm. And in most cases, they can't do that without using outside help. Here are the five worst corporate collaborators in technology. » 9/01/11 1:00pm 9/01/11 1:00pm

Fujitsu's Laptop4Life Scheme Gets You A New Laptop Every 3 Years 'Til…

Craziness: Buy one Fujitsu laptop, get a new one every three years until you're dead. That's basically the crazy principle behind Fujitsu's Laptop4Life program. Sure, you have to buy the extended 3-year warranty at first, not damage the old machine too much, and hang onto the receipt for grim death, but then you'll get … » 12/01/08 12:30pm 12/01/08 12:30pm

Siemens Oven Moves Your Roast Like a Death Star Hangar Lift

The Siemens HB 78P570 oven looks like any other oven until you notice that it has no » 9/01/08 12:30pm 9/01/08 12:30pm door, which is precisely when it starts to open automatically from its bottom: The glossy black food platform slides down mechanically until it is at the same level as your kitchen top. Sounds a bit crazy, but it's extremely…

Girls On Top For First Time in Siemens Competition's History

A trio of girls has scooped the honors in Siemens' Math, Science and Technology Prize, the first time in the competition's nine-year history. According to James Whaley, President of the Siemens Foundation, the percentage of girls taking part in the competition has been steadily increasing each year—and this year, 48%… » 12/04/07 5:59am 12/04/07 5:59am

In-Wall Coffee Maker Makes Your Kitchen Like Starbucks, Sans the Hobo…

Why waste $4 every morning on a venti coffee from Starbucks? That sort of thing adds up, you know. You really should be making your coffee at home. I'd like to say that installing this Siemens in-wall coffee maker in your kitchen would be an example of some financial responsibility, but it clearly isn't. But hey, if… » 7/30/07 11:28am 7/30/07 11:28am

Siemen's serve@Home - Automation and Management for the House of the…

As a young child in the late 70's/early 80's I was led to believe that by the time I was all grown up my house would be like "The Jetsons"—completely automated and super cool. I wouldn't have to cook, clean, or dress myself; the super-smart centralized computer in my home would take care of all these pesky tasks for me.… » 2/28/07 4:16pm 2/28/07 4:16pm