Niveus's Sierra Windows Media Centers Goes Intro-Level for Home Builders

Branching out from their full-featured (read: Expensive) Media Centers, Niveus is introducing a Sierra Edition Media Server, which is also designed for the home-builder market. The Sierra, which is half the size of their normal units, also consumes "low power" and uses an HD DVD drive, 500GB storage, a GeForce "Series… »1/05/08 7:56pm1/05/08 7:56pm

ThinkOutside Stowaway Sierra Keyboard For Smartphones, Everything Else

The ThinkOutside Stowaway Sierra keyboard is a fine one that works especially well with the myriad smartphones out there, including Windows Mobile and Palm-based ones. (Pitty about the long name, though.) Mac fans, and we know that there's a lot of you out there judging by all the friendly e-mail we received following… »9/14/06 9:52am9/14/06 9:52am