Sierra Mercury: AT&T's Smallest, Sveltest 3G Data Card

Sierra's latest USB 3G data card, Mercury, is the smallest, smokiest little card in AT&T's otherwise obese lineup. Obviously spawned from the same DNA pool as its Sprint-y cousin » 9/02/08 5:40pm 9/02/08 5:40pm, but with the chrome and black look AT&T is fond of lately. Like the Compass, the drivers and AT&T's software are loaded on the stick, so…

Sierra Wireless EVDO/HSPDA Aircards for High Speed Cell Data By USB

Yesterday, Sprint unveiled their first revision A. EVDO high speed cellular data card. That card came in the aging PCMCIA form factor, so we couldn't use it in our Macbook Pros. Here's a cludgy fix to that problem: EVDO and HSPDA cards that work over a USB cable. EVDO, is the broadband-like speed that Verizon and… » 8/30/06 7:41pm 8/30/06 7:41pm